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BTC_cvr-color1“Bring the Choir! Rounds & Cyclical Songs for Community Singing”

INCLUDES new rounds, plus those from original limited self-published edition: Summit Lake, Winter Holidays Round, Make Room, Four Principles, The Pledge, Symphony Butterfly, The Return & others.  New artwork, songs, notes. Spiral bound on fine paper.
$20. plus s/h
From simple “street-corner rounds” to more challenging 4-part songs, this collection proves that it’s not just your mother’s “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” anymore.

NOTE: I am also happy to fill orders the Old-School Way. Contact me directly for mail-order & bulk order discount pricing:



All of my compositions and a few choral arrangements are available for community choirs (SAB & SATB) and rounds aficionados.  Please contact me for pricing.  I will post an updated list here asap.  THANKS!

Sheet music currently available:

 Let Justice Roll Down (SAB +guitar)
  Rise Up & Sing! (JS Bach/A. Vance) (SATB)
We Will Love or We Will Perish SATB (Seeger/Bach-by permission–nfs, but will share with community choirs-mailing costs only)
Step by Step (trad./Vance) (SATB)

Great Big Song (Guthrie/Vance) SAB

Soon & Very Soon-(Tindley/Thomas) SATB

Rounds book and sheet music may be ordered directly from Avenida Music


Sweet Life

Her most recent album is called “Sweet Life” and represents the culmination of a lifetime along the central coast of California, where Aileen works and lives with her husband and two young sons. This dynamic collection features songs that speak about a sense of place, the honoring of wilderness and a celebration of the human spirit. Backup work by two of Canada’s premiere folk artists, Eileen McGann and David K., combine with Aileen’s masterful vocals and lyrics to make this by far her finest recording to date.  Tracks: As I Passed Down by Backwaterside, Waterfall, An Eye for an Eye, Here I Walk, Prayer, Tortillas and Beans, Meadows Road,  Visions of Their Own, Talkin’ Role Reversal, When I’m Gone (Ochs), My Friends, Sweet Life




 After the Night


Aileen began her career as an interpreter of other people’s songs, but is also a powerful writer herself. Her second album, “After the Night,” showcases some of her finest work, and includes songs about women’s courage, the natural world, global harmony, and human relationships. A high point is the spine-chilling “In the Country of the Savior,” about the tragedy of El Salvador. (This song and the title cut won her the coveted KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL “New Folk” award in 1990.)

The album also features vocal and instrumental contributions by Chilean master musician and composer Rafael Manriquez, (formerly of GRUPO RAIZ,) with whom Aileen occasionally tours. The haunting and exhilarating music of Latin America forms an important strand in Aileen’s repertoire; in addition to her work with Manriquez, she also does a bilingual music program for elementary school children. Tracks: Voices in the Chorus (Vance/Humphries), Clearing the Path, Hard Working Hands, We are Alive and Singing, In the Country of the Savior, She’s Like a Swallow (trad), Amarok (Magpie), Letting You Go, A Pesar de los Males (Lecarra), After the Night



 Take a Step

Aileen’s sense of wonder is evident in “Take a Step,” the self-penned title cut of her first album. Written as much for herself as for others, “Take a Step” is about taking risks and overcoming fear. Aileen likes to quote Georgia O’Keeffe, the famous painter, who said, “I’ve been afraid every single day of my life, but I’ve gone ahead and done it anyway.” Tracks:  Take a Step, Your Daughters andYour Sons (T. Sands), The Strength to Keep  Going, Keep That Dream, Going Home, The  Field Behind the Plow (Rogers), Turn  Your Gaze to the Moon,  Grandma’sBattlecry (Tilsen/Paull), All These Fragments, A Sailor’s Prayer (MacDonald)




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