Links to other important projects and people who inspire me-a list in progress….

Sharon Katz & The Peace Train   I do whatever I can, whenever I can  to support the amazing work of my friends Sharon Katz, Wendy Quick, Marilyn Cohen and Nonhlanhla Wanda.  And I ride that train from time to time, hoping to build bridges instead of walls among our beautiful young people.  Choo! Choo!    Peace Train USA Tour

Eileen McGann   My dear pal, the voice in my head at all times, ever-occasional band mate, and the stellar Canadian singer/songwriter/archivist/painter/activist!

Emma’s Revolution    Pat Humphries & Sandy O.  Singers and friends of conscience, integrity and power!

Santa Cruz Peace Chorale    I also am the musical director for this mixed-voice community choir, singing out for peace & justice since 2002!

Los Cenzontles   Amazing youth music & dance academy in the Richmond, CA, preserving the roots of music and culture of Mexican music in the U.S.

Rise Up Singing!    Hope and Change through music!  Annie Patterson & Peter Blood archive and share music for people to sing together with their wonderful books and recordings, “Rise Up Singing!” and “Rise Again Songbook.”    Many incredible peoples songs are featured in the new RA, including my own.

Americans Who Tell the Truth- Models of Courageous Citizenship    I bet you can find somebody you know in this gallery.

Resource Center for Nonviolence

to be continued…..